SL Tutorial: Highlights and Shadows with Dodge and Burn using Curves.

In this tutorial you will learn my personal method for dodging and burning in photoshop. I also discuss the traditional dodge and burn method and the downsides that comes with it.

Credits for this outfit:

Tutorial: Creating and using light projectors with textures

In this tutorial you will learn how to make your own spotlight projector for Second Life and how to use it for Second Life photography. Thanks to Erikoleo for the suggestion.

Wearing in this video:
Erratic Lingerie – Delice (for maitreya)
Genesis Mesh Head – Marie
Little Bones hair – rose (gacha item)
Candydoll shoes – Linda (FaMESHed Jan 2016)

Tutorial: Shooting props separate from photos to use in photography

This quick tutorial explains how to use props from second life and a green screen to make easy to use photos of the props by themselves to use on your second life photography. (I used this method in the featured image here).

The prop in this video is :Moon Amore: Ceres – Book with lying papers and it’s an older gacha item from The Gathering (october) but it’s probably in her store.

Second Life Tutorial: Photographing Materials Enabled Mesh

This video explains what materials enabled mesh is, what it means for your photos, and how to shoot it properly —- I forgot to note, if you want to shoot a picture on green screen just make sure the green screen prim is full bright.

Also when I say it doesn’t work for hair, I mean don’t wear materials enabled hair, wear the regular version of the hair.

Link to Linden Labs original video about materials enabled mesh

Wearing in this video:

Lelutka – Simone – mesh head
Azuchi Archer Pants
Azuchi Rogue (complete outfit)

Tutorial: Blending Modes and Blur + Blending Mode effects

A tutorial on what each blending mode does and how you can use it to make effects on a layer. Also how to use blur tools with blending modes to create soft effects.

If you don’t want to know what each blending mode is/does, the blur + blending mode part of the tutorial starts around 11:50.