Akui no aru

Mesh Head / Skin:  Genesis Julia 2.0 Milk (July Kustom9 Gacha)

Outfit: + Akai no Korusetto Kimono + {aii} [Origami]

Eyes: + Blood Virus  + {aii} (On the Marketplace)

Hair: MOON She Waits and MOON Ninth Ave Reverie [store]


+ Long Tongue Pink Burnt Female + {aii} (On the Marketplace)

+ Gold Summer Festival Hair Sticks Crimson + {aii}  [Origami]

}{AM}{…BAKE Kitune 9bi(RARE)  09 (kitsune shoulder accessory) [Origami]

antielle. Okami Amaterasu (Carved Skin) [Store]

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