8 Typical Statements from Bloggers Which Make Me Grumpy!

Just a reblog of an article I enjoyed from The Blogging Elf…

The Blogging Elf

Hey peeps!

This post is going to be a bit of text, so skip this if you hate to read. I’ll do my best to avoid any errors, but bear with me, please! 😀 Unpopular opinions ahead, so if you are a delicate flower…don’t read. And a fair warning: much of this may seem arrogant, know it all-like, rude to some, not so much to others. I don’t intend to let it come across that way, but I know it may happen because I tend to be very straight forward with my wording. Please keep in my this are my own, personal perspectives on these matters.

I love my blog!

Lets begin this by saying: I LOVE blogging. It is currently what keeps me creative and active in SL. I love my blog…a lot. I put time and effort into it and I consider that a symptom of my love…

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