Mesh Head: Genesis_Head_Melissa_2.0_MILK  [Collabor88]

Lipstick: HUD_Genesis_Lab_Lipstick_DARK [Collabor88]

Dress: Foxes – Bound Dress  – Red Half [Collabor88]

Jacket: Foxes – Bound Jacket [Collabor88]

Garter: Yummy! – Gun Garter Belt – Gold Black [Collabor88]

Hair: Exile::Bewitched Naturals [Sept C88]

Boots: Candydoll – Arabella [Sept C88]

Chair: LISP – Craftsman Espionage Chair [Collabor88]

Tables: -DRD- Special agent -secret table [Collabor88]

Build: [ba] marylebone flat [Collabor88]

Gun Prop: Le Poppycock [Collabor88]

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