Welcome to the jungle.

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD – Kimberly BENTO  [In World]
You MUST use the bento viewer to see this head.

Skin: Insol – Sarah [In World]

Hair: Pink Hustler *PH* disordered hair // gacha [previous SaNaRae]

Pants: DE Designs – Dawn Pants  [WLRP]

Top/Shoulderguard: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Alethea [WLRP]

Axe: [EZ] ContrAXE. (Sword) -firo1.03  [WLRP]

Drone: PsiNanna, Inc. Quadpod Drone v1.0 [WLRP]

Boots: Azuchi – Archer Boots [In World Store]

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