Medusa in Trouble.

Head: Genesis – Julia (older gacha) [In World]

Eyes: Genesis – Kituna eyes (kiara gacha) [In World]

Hair: Argrace – Akane AND Urei [In World]

Tattoo: [White~Widow] Equals – Black  [Shiny Shabby]

Dress: Storybook – Medusa – Dress – Mangrove  [Epiphany]

Snake: Storybook – Medusa – Snake Wrap – Viper  [Epiphany]

Daggers are very old from Ariskea

See no evil.


+ Crimson Oni Blindfold V2 RARE + {aii}

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Candy (fatpack) [In World]

Skin: CURELESS [+] Haemoglobine (v.1)  [Skin Fair (March) – In World Store]

Hair: Ayashi – Nyoko – Whites [The Gacha Garden]

Bloody Mouth: L’Etre – Bloody Brooke [In World]

Bodysuit: ::Dead Dollz:: Lumen – Pitch [In World]

Rope Harness: !dM deviousMind “Kinbaku” [ROMP – April]

Pants Applier: CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels [Epiphany – April]

Shoes: Storybook – Stardust (gacha) [In World]

Scars in springtime.

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Candy (fatpack) [In World]

Skin: CURELESS [+] Haemoglobine (v.1)  [Skin Fair (March) – In World Store]

Eyes: ADD Andel – Epiphany Exclusive – Galaxy Eyes [The Epiphany]

Scar Tattoo (face/upper): CURELESS [+] Healed Cherry Blooms [SaNaRae]

Bodysuit: Moon Elixir – Chakra – 1 – Maitreya – Bodysuit – RARE [The Epiphany]

Gloves: **RE** Bad-Kitty Gloves L&R Pack 2 – RARE [The Epiphany]

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial  (older Arcade gacha)

Ears: Mandala – Steking

Pose: Belle Epoque – It’s in me

Private parlors…

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Aisha (fatpack) [In World]

Skin: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Gulia” Nordic [Tres Chic]

Brows: *ScS* Refined Eyebrows Brown

Lips: Catwa default lipsticks (from the catwa head hud)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kera  [The Epiphany]

Dress: Salt &Pepper – Kelly  [ROMP – April]

Tattoo: [White~Widow] Demolition [Black Fashion Fair]


The Corruption of Aisha

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Aisha (fatpack) [In World]

Skin: CURELESS [+] Haemoglobine (v.1)  [Skin Fair (March) – In World Store]

Hair/Gag/Drool: +Spellbound+ Lost // Chapter I : Earth [ROMP – April]

Bodysuit: Storybook – The Provocateur – Cross Body  [ROMP – April]

Tattoo: CURELESS [+] Hone-Onna (v.1) [Uber March / In World Store]

Snakes: Aii – Demon Exorcist gacha – Oorochi Rare  [The Epiphany]

Wrap: Aii – Moon Princess Shawl  [Kawaii Project]

Leg Ribbons: Storybook – Artemis   [The Epiphany]

Pose: Body Language – SLC SS Pose – Cherry Blossom [Kawaii Project – March]

Shot at Blur in Second Life


Skin: VCO – Benny [In World]

Lips: VCO ~ Nini Mesh Lip 003 [In World]

Arm/Rocket Launcher: [The Forge] Junker’s Arsenal [The Epiphany]

Eyes: [Buzz] Glacier Eyes – Angel [The Epiphany]

Top/Panties/Jacket: Blueberry & Grixdale – Madcap  [The Epiphany]

Hair: little bones. Harley   [The Epiphany]

Choker: little bones. Puddin Choker – White   [The Epiphany]



Preview for The Epiphany – Opens at 11:59pm tonight (April 12th)

Skin: Atelier Pepe – Brooke RARE (for Catwa – shown on “Candy”)

Outfit/Bow/Antlers: Storybook – Artemis

Eyes: ADD Andel – Epiphany Exclusive – Galaxy Eyes

Septum: Mons – Evil Eye

Hair: Truth – Kyra


Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Candy (fatpack) [In World]

Moon Bindi: Mons

Shot at Blithe (Requires Group Join)


College daze.

Preview for The Epiphany

Outfits/Bra: Vinyl-Azuchi – Dress Code


Also Wearing:

Mesh head (left): Genesis – Rina [The Seasons Story]

Hair (left): TRUTH HAIR Kizzy (group gift) [In World]


Mesh head (center): Genesis – Marie  [In World]

Hair (center): Magika – Sparkle  [In world]

Mesh head (right): Genesis – Gemma  [The Seasons Story]

Hair (right): Magika -Cardigan   [In world]

Boss Fight.

Previews for The Epiphany (April 12th)

CURELESS [+] Raziel Mask / BLOOD / Epiphany Exclusive
CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Dominion Mask / BLOOD
CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Gevurah Hands / RARE
CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Seraph Halo / BLOOD
CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Transangelism / OMEGA / RARE


Also wearing:

NEW Mesh head/Skin: CURELESS [+] Histamine (v.1) [The Seasons Story]

Corset: Azuchi – Natasha [WLRP]
shown on Maitreya

Hair: A&Y Zeo Cyber Hair (Female) [In World]

Panties: Erratic – Scarlett [Older C88]

Left Pose (modified): Roquai Water – Sink

Right Pose: Infiniti – Behind

Shot in Second Life at Skara Brae sandbox