Say no to hatred.

You might be thinking, “Oh god no, another political message.” But I believe it is more important than ever that we as a people – United States and abroad – unite together and deny the attempt to make us fearful or hateful of one another.

You may even think that the current state of affairs in America is of no consequence to you, but when mankind is divided we all suffer. Don’t give in to the rhetoric of hate on either side of the aisle.

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I know some of you come here for the credits on what I am wearing so I will still put them here:

 Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD – Kimberly BENTO  [In World]
You MUST use the bento viewer to see this head.

Skin/lips(tinted): DeeTaleZ – Doutzen [In World]

Hair: Truth – Lisette [Uber]

Sign/Pose: signs to hold for afk *just for fun* [marketplace I put the message on in PS though]