Adventures in Sinespace.

Sinespace was kind enough to send me over some of their new avatar items from a partnership with DAZ to play with on their platform.


They use the unity engine, so naturally the miniworlds themselves are breathtaking.


They are increasing their options for their avatars which could create a very interesting environment. I look forwards to seeing these new features grow with more skins and shape/morph options in the future.

In these photos I am wearing:

  • Shyla morph + my own shape made from the “head” and  “body” sliders
  • Cora Nox – Ava Skin (free)
  • Default eyelashes (free)
  • Solaris Outfit (except bra)
  • Natalia crop top
  • Newsea – Aphrodite Fair

You can make a free account at if you want to take a look around.