Tears are what we do now.

Listen to the song “Tears are what we do now” by Bitch Brigade

You, me, everything,
there’s no hope in pretending.
Crying on a happy day
just to make your joy go away.
Things that hurt, things that don’t.
Doesn’t matter now cause everything’s gone.
Things are not the way they used to be.
Not for you, not for me.

Sparkling eyes that quickly faded.
Smiling just seems so outdated.
Kindness just a thing of the past.
Tears are what we do now.

Hair: [BURLEY] Octavia

Skin: Pink Fuel – Vamp [In World]

Body: Slink – Hourglass [In World]

Tattoo: antielle. Appetizer / Bites & Blood [Last ROMP]

Corset: *Perception* Underbust Corset — Black Leather

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