Tits, Dinosaurs, Laser eyes, Explosions, Blindfold

I asked plurk what I needed to add to my photos to make them get more faves, here’s some of the top suggestions.

Mesh Head: LELUTKA-SIMONE Bento 2.7  [In World]

Skin: Insol – Liv   [Crystal Heart Festival]

Hair: Sintiklia – Hidden treasure Gacha [Epiphany]

Arm/Leg ribbons: VIBES – Vaiwa set [WLRP]

Panties: Grixdale – Pet – Panties – Gold RARE [Previous Epiphany]

Blindfold: Le Morte – Blind Messiah [I think the store has closed]

Skin marks: antielle. HSotD – RARE – Rough Senpai [Store has closed]

Mesh Raptor is a random marketplace find



Previews for Epiphany (Opens later today!)

Corset: Azuchi – Heidi Gacha

Rest of outfit  from Aii: 

+ Brush-stroke Aura + {aii}
+ Izanagi Mask Red + {egosumaii}
+ Izanami Cloak + {aii}
+ Izanami Incense Hair Decor + {egosumaii}
+ Izanami Panties + {egosumaii}
+ Izanami Ribs + {aii}
+ Izanami’s Paint Brush + {egosumaii}
+ Red Izanagi Beads + {aii}
+ White Izanagi Beads + {aii}


Blood tattoo: Antielle – Cropsick (discontinued)

Broken dolls.

Previews for the Nightmare Event

Face Applier: CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Shattered Existence (v.1)

Right Eye (white): CURELESS [+] Geology of the Moon

Also wearing:

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Dyana (fatpack) [In World]

Skins: CURELESS [+] Haemoglobine (v.1) [In World]

Body Tat: DISCONTINUED – antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (RARE) Homunculus

Underwear Set: Blueberry – Flirt Gacha (past epiphany)

Left eye (red): CURELESS [+] Yuurei Eyes [In World]

Hair: Argrace – Akane  [In World]



NEW Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Linda (fatpack) [In World]

Skin (with makeup): Pink Acid – Bennett [Skin Fair (closed), Store]

Eyes: [whatever] Eyes – #1 [In World]

Tattoo: antielle. Beauty Clinic – Suction – RARE [Discontinued gacha]

Shower cap: Meli Imako Full Perm Mesh Shower Cap

Pose: Belle Epoque – If I was you

You make me melt. I’m tongue tied.

Skin: CURELESS [+]  Morphine (v.3) [In World]

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Annie [In World]

Tongue: [CX] Tied Tongue (Pastel Tones) [Feb 18th at Whimsical!]

Candles: [CX] Scorching Sin [ Hentai Fair]

Hair: CATWA HAIR – Lee [In World]

Eyes: antielle. Distillation eyes [Epiphany July]

Where are my pants?

Preview for The Fantasy Collective (January 22nd)

Sling: Ama. – Arm Sling [available Jan 22nd]

Also Wearing: 

Mesh Head/Eyes: 02 Genesis_Head_Nelly_Emotions_2.0 RARE [Kustom9]

Bloody lips  by Genesis (same gacha as Tara head) [In World]

Shoulders: Hound Pauldrons – The Forge [The Secret Affair]

Eyepatch: G.ID-Berserk EyePatch Bloody

Bodysuit: ::Dead Dollz:: Lumen – Pitch [In World]

Hair: Alice Project*AP* Alison – Bloody Black [Mix October In World]
This may have been an exclusive for Mix.

Tattoo: antielle. Appetizer / Bites & Blood [Last ROMP]

Hand Tattoo (slink hands): Clemmm bloody hands




The Queen of a Thousand Limbs.

See in HD on Flickr.

NEW Centipide Body (Mesh): + The Centipede + {aii} [In World]

Skin: Pink Fuel – Vamp [In World]

Face Makeup/Effects:
antielle. Dissolved Tears (gacha from July Epiphany)
Clemmm – Sleepless day
antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (7) Coagulation

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial  [Arcade – September]

Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Crimson [In World]

Complementary Colors

Preview for Genre – Opening Dec 15th

Flower Lashes: Oddfish Studios – PS^ Petal Peepers Lashes


Also Wearing: 

Skin: CURELESS [+]  Morphine (v.3) [In World]

antielle. Distillation eyes [Epiphany July]
antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (2) Dissolution [Epiphany July]

Teeth Tattoo: .::Mother Goose’s::. teeth

Hair: MURRAY- Greta I Hairstyle / Platinums

Tears are what we do now.

Listen to the song “Tears are what we do now” by Bitch Brigade

You, me, everything,
there’s no hope in pretending.
Crying on a happy day
just to make your joy go away.
Things that hurt, things that don’t.
Doesn’t matter now cause everything’s gone.
Things are not the way they used to be.
Not for you, not for me.

Sparkling eyes that quickly faded.
Smiling just seems so outdated.
Kindness just a thing of the past.
Tears are what we do now.

Hair: [BURLEY] Octavia

Skin: Pink Fuel – Vamp [In World]

Body: Slink – Hourglass [In World]

Tattoo: antielle. Appetizer / Bites & Blood [Last ROMP]

Corset: *Perception* Underbust Corset — Black Leather